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Our Ealing estate agents are eager to show potential buyers the eclectic and exciting community of Ealing in West London, one of the city's most energetic areas.

Ealing Property near the Park

Known for its long entertainment legacy and cultural flair, Ealing is a big hit with people from all over the UK and beyond.

  • Ealing's name is believed to have come from the Saxon word Gillingas, meaning "place of the people associated with Gilla". After many adaptations over the centuries, including Illing, Gilling, and Yilling, Ealing became standard in the 1800s. Now, the entire district is dubbed "Queen of the Suburbs".
  • Ealing's long history dates back as far as 7,000 years, with several important settlements scattered throughout the area. It rose to prominence in the 15th century with the establishment of the Great Ealing School, which has since attracted many prestigious pupils.
  • Since the mid-20th century, Ealing has played a considerable role in the entertainment industry. Ealing Studios has participated in several global and local productions, and continues to be a major component of British and Hollywood media today.

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Living in Ealing

  • Easy commuting distance right into the buzz of Central London and all its fantastic attractions.
  • Internationally-acclaimed education system.
  • Home of some of the entertainment industry's most active studios, Ealing is a hot spot for aspiring actors and producers alike.
  • A buzzing music and festival scene which illuminates the calendar all year.
  • An excellent selection of pubs, clubs, and restaurants.

Ealing Properties near the Shops

As any estate agent will tell you, Ealing is bursting with property potential. From gorgeous Victorian architecture and a vintage allure to modern chic, the borough is as eclectic in its urban landscape as it is in culture. Its distinct housing selection ranges from large, bright and neoclassical styles to more compact yet trendy open space contemporary flats. While terraced houses are the norm here, buyers can also find some treasures in private homes. Expect to see a mixture of turn-of-the-century charm, and sleek, gleaming glass beckoning modern city living.

Council Tax

Ealing's council tax rates range from approximately £900 for band A up to about £2700 for band H.

Schools in Ealing

Its diverse and upscale market has gifted Ealing with some truly reputable schools (nearly 70 to choose from), particularly for private, independent students such as St. Benedict's and St. Augustine's which are Catholic girl's schools. For GCSE students, the Ealing Independent College offers a wide range of fantastic courses, making it the perfect transitional education before pursuing university or apprenticeships.

Ealing Studios


Ealing W5 draws in people from all walks of life, but caters to the young, established professional as well as people from abroad. Families can also enjoy its friendly and picturesque environment as well as an excellent selection of schools and parks. Its contributions to media and entertainment have associated it with many notable celebrities, including: Freddie Mercury, Alan Rickman, Sid James, Pete Townsend and many more.

Ealing Studios, a television and film production company and facilities provider at Ealing Green in West London, attracts a community from the film and television industry. Will Barker bought the White Lodge on Ealing Green in 1902 as a base for film making, and films have been made on the site ever since. It is the oldest continuously working studio facility for film production in the world.

Ealing property buyers tend to be young, aspiring professionals and families wanting to settle in a diverse community with great opportunities in the immediate area as well as good commuting distance to Central London. It is one of the finest entertainment and arts communities in the city.

Ealing London is home to a wide range of communities, particularly British-Polish, Irish, and South Asian. It boasts some of the finest restaurants in London with Street Parade the center of all the action, catering to virtually every taste and style. Sports fans can enjoy games at Avenue Park Stadium and Berkeley Fields, as well as visit the Gurnell Leisure Centre for swimming and a myriad of other activities; it is also conveniently located near Queens Park Rangers. There are several sites to visit like Perceval House, the historic St. Mary’s Church, and other buildings dating back several centuries. As well as a great selection of charming pubs, culture connoisseurs can enjoy the Ealing Jazz Club, and partake in festivals throughout the year which are exclusive to the area – it’s all buzzing in Ealing!

Ealing Properties near the Park

Ealing Transport Links

Ealing's convenient location makes it the perfect starting point for getting into Central London as well as exploring the immediate area. Several major bus routes pass through and it features several tube stations like Ealing Broadway station (which serves the Great Western main line), North Ealing, South Ealing, and Ealing Common among others, serving District, Central, and Piccadilly Lines. It provides easy access to National Rail and connections to Heathrow, as well as major motorways leading in and out of London.

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