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They say it's crude to talk about money so instead, it appears we are measuring wealth by what rooms are in our home and what we fill them with.

Discussing if we are 'affluent' or not has been the topic of discussion in the press recently, with new research setting out to determine what makes us rich.A survey was carried out among 1,000 households with an income of over £57,000 to find out what the 'mass affluent' have in their home. The results showed key signs of affluence to be a home office, a playroom, a walk-in wardrobe, a vinyl music collection, limited edition art, underfloor heating, a wine fridge, walls painted in a high-end paint (such as Farrow & Ball), a music delivery system (such as Sonos) and an Aga or other range cooker.How many features can you tick off the list? Does it make you happy to be classed as 'mass affluent? Or are you a sceptic who thinks the survey and its findings are PR fluff?



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