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Rent Collection for Landlords

Rent Collection

We can provide a rent collection service for landlords whether domiciled in the UK or abroad.

We will collect the rent from the tenants and account to the landlord for the balance, taking into account any outgoings such as fees and taxation. 

We can set up tenancies for landlords on a "let only" basis and hand the management of the tenancy over to the landlord on completion. We can also provide cost effective solutions in rent collection and management. 

We can take care of ancillary legislative requirements such as the production of Energy Performance Certificates, inventories, gas and electrical safety checks etc. We can also arrange for properties to be cleaned and for new carpets and furnishings to be installed, where required.

Tenancy Agreements in 3 days

Signed within 3 days

36 Property Portals

36 Property Portals

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