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Although Orchards of London has four branches - Acton, Chiswick and Ealing - we actually cover a large expanse of West London. You may already know a little about the main areas but how about the small, undiscovered neighbourhoods and tucked away enclaves? There’s a whole lot of West London waiting to be discovered.

Our property teams have put pen to paper and written a series of guides designed to help those thinking of moving to West London. They have drawn on their local knowledge gleaned from years of working at Orchards, growing up in West London and socialising in the area.

Each guide will tell you about the distinctive property types in the neighbourhood, give you an overview of the local history and highlights, summarise the transport links and schools, and give you some indication of what the local council tax is.

We’re sure you’ll find our guides inspiring but if you have any additional questions, please contact one of our offices.


ccl guides-acton

Acton Property Guide
An increasingly promising market
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ccl guide brackenbury village

Brackenbury Village
Affluent residential district
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ccl guide brentford

Brentford Property Guide
Gorgeous locales across the area
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ccl guide chiswick

Chiswick Property Guide
World appeal and modern chic
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ccl guide ealing

Ealing Property Guide
An eclectic and exciting community
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ccl guide hammersmith

Hammersmith & Brook Green
Lively arts and entertainment
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ccl guide hanwell

Hanwell Property Guide
Beautiful parks & charming architecture
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ccl guide holland-park

Holland Park
Serene and picturesque
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ccl guide kew and barnes

Kew & Barnes
A charming suburban area
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