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How hard can finding a new home be? If you are searching for a property for sale in Chiswick, it might look like there are loads of options to choose from. The truth however, can be very different.



Only this month (March 2016), a couple had their hopes of a new Ealing property dashed when there was a mix up on a national online property portal. After searching an industry-leading site and finding a property the couple described as the ‘perfect home’, they discovered, on trying to book a viewing, that the property had been sold nearly 18 months ago and was not for sale at all.

A blip in technology was to blame for an invalid property being fed from an agent (not us!) to the search website - which happens - but, nonetheless, a couple have gone away disappointed after relying on internet searches.

While we are glued to our smartphones, and with wifi and 4G making it possible to run almost every aspect of our lives on the go, it is actually old-fashioned graft and telephone calls that almost always lead to a buyer finding the perfect Chiswick property.

The market in W4 can be, somewhat, clandestine, with many sellers deciding to discreetly market their property. That can mean not having a ‘for sale’ board and even requesting an internet ban for their property.

As West London estate agents, we truly understand the power of ‘word of mouth’ marketing and it’s this off-radar activity that means many buyers miss out on their dream home.

Never fear, Orchards of London has compiled some top tips to ensure you’re first to know about new properties for sale in Chiswick:-

Always register with local estate agents first. Here at Orchards of London we do represent ‘off radar’ sellers who are not listing online or who have bypassed ‘for sale’ boards. If we have your contact details and property requirements on file, we can call you as soon as we are instructed to discreetly market a Chiswick property.

Be careful what you tick online. Naturally buyers do search online for properties for sale in Chiswick but be careful with filters. There’s sometimes the option to tick or un-tick ‘show sold properties’. Don’t get your hopes up by ticking the wrong box only to get a list of homes that have already changed hands.

Look carefully in estate agents’ windows. The display might be crammed full of properties but take a closer look to see if there’s a little sticker or graphic that says ‘sold’. Most agents will still display houses and flats that are under offer.

Don’t rely on property search portals. In many cases the properties that appear online are only a fraction of the selling activity in Chiswick. Many homes for sale never make it online - they are snapped up by buyers on waiting lists before the agent has even input details into their computer. Register with your local agent and they will call you as soon as they take on a new Chiswick property, giving you first refusal.

Follow the buyers. Sound odd? The majority of buyers also have a property to sell, so if an estate agent has a good local reputation and is attracting buyers, it stands a good chance of selling those home movers’ properties. This leads to an increased stock level and more choice for all buyers.

Our advice stands whether you are looking for a dream property in Chiswick, Ealing, Shepherd’s Bush, Acton or the rest of the UK! Why not register with Orchards of London today and be the first to hear about homes coming on to the market?





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