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A guide for landlords

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A few things for landlords to consider

  • Always remember that you will not be living at the property: Don’t overspend on kitchens, don’t use white carpets.
  • Start a tenancy with a professional clean, to ensure that your relationship with the tenant starts off on the right foot and that your tenant will need to return your property professionally cleaned too.
  • If a bathroom does not have a window, get a strong electrical extractor to help avoid condensation and mildew problems.
  • Wherever possible hard landscape your garden, to make it more manageable for your tenants.
  • Ensuring that you keep a clean property and tidy exteriors helps to avoid any unwanted visits from rodents.
  • Use recommended contractors and engineers. Reliable and trustworthy companies will help to keep your costs down in the long run.

Who do I call?

First Capital Maintenance

What qualifies as an emergency?
No power, no heating, no hot water, water cascading through a ceiling or up from a floorboard, gas leak

How can I prevent damp in my flat?
Condensation is one of the root causes of damp, a lack of ventilation through windows not being opened after a shower or drying washing in a property and not ventilating properly, adds to damp which leads to mould, which can be very dangerous if left untreated. Tenants can keep mould and damp at bay with a variety of products that can be obtained from large supermarkets and hardware shops

Out of hours number
First Capital Maintenance: 020 8621 0807 or 07557 387 385

Tenancy Agreements in 3 days

Signed within 3 days

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36 Property Portals

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