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Did you know...


25 Working Days

On average a property only is listed with Orchards of London for 25 working days before an offer is agreed

*Source Momentum


45 Days Until Exchange of Contracts

On average a property sold by Orchards of London takes 45 days from the offer being agreed to exchange of contracts

*Source Momentum


Outbound Sales Calls

On average Orchards of London make an outbound sales call every 3.1 minutes.

*Data supplied by Liam Doherty - MD


800 New Buyers every Month

On average Orchards of London register 800 new buyers each month

*Source DezRez last quarters’ applicant registration all offices


Property Portals

Featured on 36 portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla



The Best Price Pedigree

We have completed 3 of some of the most expensive and exclusive properties within the postcodes we work within.



81% of Tenancy Agreements signed within 3 Days

We aim to get all tenancy agreements signed within 3 days of offer being accepted and currently achieve this aim in 81% of letting transactions

*Information supplied by Joseph Murphy - Business Development Director.


Widespread Advertising

Advertising efforts that reach over 55,000 West London homes.

*Source Dezrez last quarters applicant registration all offices.


10,000 Visitors to website every month

On average, Orchards of London get 10,000 unique visitors every month.

*Source Google Analytics.


West London Market Share

We have 61% market share of all properties over £1,500 per week in West London.



Listing New Properties for sale every 19 Hours

On average Orchards of London list a new house “For Sale” every 19.2 hours.

*Last month’s total Sales instructions divided by days in month and factored as hours.


Sales Viewing every 15 minutes

On average Orchards of London carry out a sales viewing every 15.6 minutes.

*This data is based on number of viewings made by Ealing, Acton and Chiswick Sales department over 3 months factoring an average working hours week of 56 hours per week / 728 hours per quarter.


Our Couture Magazine

Couture by Orchards of London reaches 30,000 homes in West London.


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